.co.uk Domain Name Registration

The Fourth Most Popular TLD

The .co.uk domain name is one of the most popular Top-Level Domains (TLDs), and is intended for UK companies, though there are no actual restrictions enforced potential registrars. The .uk domain is the fourth most popular TLD worldwide, and the second most popular country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) after .de, Germany's ccTLD. Over ten million domains are registered on the .uk TLD.

.Co is a second-level domain, and is short for commercial. Like .com, it's intended for use by companies, though no restrictions on who can register a domain are enforced. Other second-level domains are available with the .uk domain, though .co is by far the most popular.

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.co.uk - Is this the Domain for You?

If you run a business or website affiliated with the United Kingdom in any way, then a .co.uk domain is an excellent choice. While there are plenty of other options, a .co.uk domain name is specific enough that you have a good chance of finding the domain name you want available, yet it's common enough that people recognize and trust it. Using obscure TLDs can make your URL easy to forget and difficult to search for.

A TLD doesn't really affect SEO, and there aren't many downsides to choosing the .co.uk domain. If your connection to the UK isn't obvious, you may confuse a few visitors, though overall the TLD shouldn't affect traffic much. However, because the .co.uk TLD isn't as crowded as the .com TLD, you may be able to find the name you're looking for, so it may be a good TLD for you, even if your website doesn't have a connection to the UK. The exact price for registering your domain will depend on which registrar you choose, but most don't charge much more for a .co.uk domain than a .com or other common domain. Name servers for a major TLD like this are controlled by incredibly reliable companies, so there's no reason to worry about the security or reliability of your domain name.

Registering Your .co.uk Domain

If you've decided that a .co.uk domain name is right for your organization, then the first step is to register your domain. Registration for the .co.uk TLD can be done through many registrars. If you already have domains registered through a certain company, it's probably easiest to stick with them as long as they offer .co.uk domains. Some companies offer free domain names with the purchase of hosting services, or vice versa. This is a great, economical solution for first time website creators.

Some companies specialize in .co.uk domain names. Most of these are located in the UK. DomainLore is a domain marketplace that specializes in valuable .co.uk domains. Though their prices are high, many of the domains they auction are valuable, dictionary domains. Auctions like this are a good way to get more lucrative domains that are already taken. On a crowded TLD like .co.uk, many popular dictionary-based domains are already registered, and they only way to get them is from a domain reseller.

Perhaps the biggest downside to a .co.uk domain is just that it involves that extra second-level domain, which makes your domain name a little longer. .Co.uk is such a popular TLD, however, that most Internet users are aware of it and don't have trouble remembering the full name. It's great for all things UK related, but can be used by anyone, and doesn't cost much. Overall, that makes this a great TLD choice for many websites.