How to register a German Domain Name.

German Domain Name Registration:

Step 1. Type in a German Domain here:


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Step 2. If at first you do not succeed, try, try again! Which simply means that the URL you were looking for maybe already taken, but do not worry, there are many good ones still available. Simply, try using a prefix or suffix to the URL. Also, there is similiar search boxes too the right, which already has synonym URL names.(Note, there are numerous domain types to register besides .COM. There are .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .US, .NAME, .BIZ and the list goes on and on. )
Step 3. Select the domain name or domains that you would like to register
Step 4. Proceed to checkout

How To Register a German Domain Name German domain names end with one of the following suffixes:

  • 1) .de (the top level German domain name extension)
  • 2) (a second-level German domain name extension)
  • 3) (another second-level German domain name extension)

German domain names are in extremely high demand. In fact, was the highest priced domain name sell in 2008 and one of the highest of all time. Kredit means credit in the German language. German domain names are registered more often than any other domain name extension except the ubiquitous .com domain names.

German domain name extensions are in higher demand than the European Union extension ".eu" and are registered more often than any other country extension, including the domain name extensions for other European countries and for the United States (.us). This makes sense because Germany has a larger population than any other country in Europe and most domain names registered in the United States end in .com, .org, or .edu extensions. The registrations of United Kingdom domain name extensions (.uk) and French domain name extensions (.fr) come in second and third respectively.

To register a German domain name, you must first have a valid German address and the legal right to use that address. This is for the administrative contact in case someone needs to get in contact with you in Germany for legal reasons. However, if you do not live in Germany or have a business in Germany, you can work around this requirement by using a trustee service to establish a valid German address. The trustee will also be able to receive any communications sent to your domain name contact information and then forward it to you. It should be noted that the technical contact and the billing contact for a German domain name does not need to be in Germany or have a German address.

Once you have a valid and legal German address for your administrative contact, you can register a German domain name or multiple German domain names from any country just by going to one of the primary online domain name registrars such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy and filling out the form they provide. You will need to pick a German domain name that is not already in use and then submit your German contact information for the administrative contact, contact information for your technical contact (this can be you or your programmer), contact information for your billing contact (this can also be you), and your name server information. If you have a hosting company already, you can get your name servers from them. If you don't have a hosting company yet, you can usually use temporary name servers provided by your registrar. These are usually included for free with the price of registering your domain name(s).

Why would one want to register a German domain name if they don't live in Germany or have a physical business there?

If you have a profitable online business, you can increase your exposure and your sells by registering one or more German domain names. A German domain name will rank higher in the German version of Google than the .com version of same domain name and this can mean a whole new audience with many new potential customers. According to the United States Census Bureau, the latest population estimate for Germany was 82,282,988 people. According to the NewMedia TrendWatch Report put out by the European Travel Commission, 82.7 percent of all Germans are online. In fact, according to comScore, Germans constituted more internet users than any other country in Europe. This makes the German audience one of the most lucrative to attract for any business selling online. It would behoove any commercial .com online business looking to expand their sales to register a German domain name and build a website specifically for the German audience. At the very least, it could be very profitable to build a keyword rich mini-site on a German domain and have this link to the primary .com website.

To quickly review how to register a German domain name if you don't live in Germany or have a business with a physical address in Germany, follow these two steps:

  • 1. Find a good German trustee service whose address you can use to legally receive mail in Germany.
  • 2. Register any German domain name that is not already claimed at any online domain name registrar such as ($19.99) or$45.00). Fill out the form they provide in full including your contact information and your name servers that your hosting company provides you. Alternately, use the registrar's name servers if you don't already have a hosting company.

Hopefully, you can see from this article that registering a German domain name is quite easy to do and can potentially increase online sells substantially.