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Explanation of Domain Name Extensions

Website extension

Domain name extensions are the designation after the period in domain names. For example,’s domain name extension is “.com.” There are numerous domain name extensions available for registration, ranging from two on up to seven letters. Each domain extension has a specific meaning, from Commercial sites to Museums, which use to be enforced by their respective registries, but that has since been relaxed. The most common and sought after domain name extension is still the.Com and will probably be so for many years to come. The. COM extension outnumbers all other domain names combined, according to Domain Tools Internet Statistics. There are well over 50 different types of domain extensions that are mostly compromised of Country Domain Names.

ICANN recently voted for unrestricted domain name extensions so that quite literally any TLD (Top Level Domain) could exist. This means that if your name was John Doe, you no longer have to register It could simply be John. Doe where “Doe” becomes the domain name extension. However, it should be noted that if you choose to use your last name, you must approve that it has a “business plan or technical capacity.”

Domain Name Extension Confusion

Every domain name can have its own subdomain name. A subdomain is the characters or numbers that come before the domain name itself. For example, the word “shop” in is a subdomain. What is nice a feature of subdomains is that if you own the domain itself, you own all subdomains (meaning you can have,,, etc.). A common confusion when the Internet was that the subdomain “www” was the internet. This misconception has led many early Internet users to believe that all domain names required these characters to be part of the Internet. 

Where can you register Country Domain Names?

We recommend using Host Otter as a Country Domain Name Registrar. We have been using them for quite some time, and they have phenomenal support and pretty reasonable prices. However, they are not your only option when looking for a place to register Country Domains. There are numerous domain registrars out there that you can register country domain name extensions from; all you have to do keep Googling.